CakeTestSuiteDispatcher handles web requests to the test suite and runs the correct action.

package Baser.Lib.TestSuite


Static method to initialize the test runner, keeps global space clean

run() : void

Parse URL params into a 'request'

_parseParams() : void

Runs a test case file.

_runTestCase() : void

Generates a page containing the a list of test cases that could be run.

_testCaseList() : void



'Request' parameters

$params : array


array('codeCoverage' => false, 'case' => null, 'core' => false, 'baser' => false, 'app' => true, 'plugin' => null, 'output' => 'html', 'show' => 'groups', 'show_passes' => false, 'filter' => false, 'fixture' => null)